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La voce del Mandolino (2016)
is Sebastiaan de Grebber's second mandolin solo album.

The CD mainly consists of original compositions for mandolin solo written by   Raffaele Calace, Demetrius Dounis, Giovanni Giovale and modern composer Victor Kioulaphides. Besides these works for violin solo by Bach and the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt have been transcribed for mandolin solo.

The repertoire for mandolin solo is expanding rapidly both in quantity and in quality these days. This is due to the research in rediscovering old repertoire, the creative adaptation of music for other instruments and last but not least, the inspiration many mandolinists give to contemporary composers.
In other words, the mandolin has a lot to show for itself!
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Fantasia Romantica (2007)
is the first mandolin solo CD by mandolinist Sebastiaan de Grebber.

Besides a variety of music written for or arranged for mandolin solo by a.o. Bach, Calace, Ranieri and Paganini, the CD also premiers two contemporary works; Diferencias by Victor Kioulaphides and The Gray Wolf by John Craton, written for and dedicated to the performer.

It is Sebastiaan's great wish to pass on his love for the instrument to his audience, and through this CD display the versality and beautiful sound of the mandolin.

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